Deadwood Fury cast. From left to right, Alexandra Jennings, Esther Olivia Sissons, Andrew Bogatek, Taavo A. Nisbet, Michael Bohdanowicz, and Trevor Parkins

This blog serves as a journal entry, documenting the production process on the horror-comedy film “Deadwood Fury” my friends and I made during the summer of 2012. Simultaneously, the blog provides general tips and techniques when it comes to filming, which I learned while developing this movie.

I always wanted to make an independent movie for fun and experience. It wasn’t until I learned my good friend, Trevor Parkins expressed the same interests and his experiencing in filming. He mentioned to me he wanted to make a small horror film over the summer, and when he asked me to help him write and film it, I couldn’t have been more honoured. And that’s where we began our work on Deadwood Fury.

This became my first “feature film”, and even though it doesn’t seem Hollywood-ish, I’m happy with the way it turned out. Filming on this pic taught me a lot about a production process and the pros and cons affiliated with it. Like Hollywood films where filming one scene requires almost a full day or two, that was the same case for our project. We spent hours on end getting several shots which became a long and grueling task. Nonetheless, we still enjoyed filming and made the most of it.

Deadwood Fury is a sequel to a high school project Trevor made back in high school entitled Deadwood Forest. That film never saw completion, and so to pay tribute to it we decided to make a follow-up that would do the first film justice and give it that sense of completion the original film never had.

This film was shot over four months, mainly in High Park and the Humber Lakeshore area. If it wasn’t for our great friends who helped participate in the making of this movie, it probably would have never happened.

Deadwood Forest concerned 5 high school friends terrorized by a demonic presence in a mysterious forest after a boating accident.

Deadwood Fury picks up five years later and revolves around sole survivor Trevor, who begins facing a number of freakish nightmares and hallucinations which demand him to return to the menacing forest. When he makes the return with the aid of his newfound friends, they all soon realize that history will repeat itself.

The film was written and directed by myself, Andrew Bogatek and Trevor Parkins.

(Above is the first TV spot promoting the movie)


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